Matching colors: a combination of green

Green is the symbol of life, as is associated in our minds with the spring awakening of nature - with grass and punched the first leaves on the trees. The color wheel is green between yellow and blue, so one of his shades refers to the warm tones and the other - to the cold. Using the color wheel as a tool to create colors in harmony, try to determine what colors are combined with green best.


Matching colors: a combination of green

Combinations of green with achromatic tones

The green color is a lot of clothing colors, which include bright mint and olive tones, khaki, bright salad, emerald and turquoise-green color, dark - Marsh, the color of wormwood and other. What they fit? Much depends on the shade of green.

Cold shade are emerald green, turquoise-green color, the color of lichen, mint, blue spruce color, dark gray-green sagebrush.

Warm greens - a green, apple green, khaki, olive, herb, moss-green, etc.

Green and white
All shades of green create a harmonious, win-win combination with white color in clothes for different purposes.

Light and joyfully look bright summer dresses salad in a duet with the color white tone. Luxury species has a white suit ensemble, complete with green jacket.

Green and gray
Rich shades of green create different shades of gray tone aristocratic combination. Warm shades - with a greenish-gray, especially when talking about a combination of the green hue as the hacks and cold - cold.

Green and Black
Vibrant and bright shades of green form a spectacular combination of black tone, commonly used in evening dresses. Duet of dark green and black looks calm and appropriate in everyday clothes. While the darker the green, the less it looks harmoniously combined with black. The most successful combination of black - from bright and saturated bright shades of green.





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