Matching colors: a combination of gray

Gray has no color, so from an emotional point of view, it is neutral - not exciting, is not uplifting, etc. It symbolizes stability, tranquility, impartiality. Introduced a variety of gradations in brightness from pale gray to dark color of wet asphalt, gray creates a harmonious blend of color with all the chromatic and achromatic colors.


Matching colors: a combination of gray

Combinations of gray clothes
The ratio of women to gray clothing ambiguous: some believe that it is ugly and boring to the extent that he is able to turn the beauty into a gray mouse, others recognize him as a model of elegance.

In ancient times and in the Middle Ages clothes of undyed gray sermyaga were poor. However, with the advent of rich fabrics in silver, pearl gray and smoky shades, this color became in high esteem, and in the higher strata of society.

In today's fashion gray widely used in the office, business and casual clothing. This color is a compromise between black and white, so the combination of bright colors with him look less aggressive than black and more relaxed than in the duet with white.


Despite the universality of gray, it is worth to consider what colors are combined with gray well.


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