Matching color: mix orange

The orange color is formed by mixing warm red and yellow tones. It attracts with its bright and positive, but quite difficult when used in costume: a full figure, and not everyone is suitable colortype appearance. This tone creates a harmonious blend of color with plenty of fashionable palette of shades on the principles of contrast and nuance. Orange has many shades, including superfashionable coral and peach tones, but in this article we will focus on bright, spectral tone.

Combinations of orange with achromatic tones

Orange and white
The duo of orange and white color - a spectacular, major and positive! White enhances brightness of orange color tones, giving a combination of incredibly bold look. Such combinations are widely used in the summer of youth and beach fashion.

Orange and black
Orange in tandem with black tone takes on a more discreet appearance, but in general this combination looks quite bright and somewhat aggressive. Such color combinations are most relevant products in the sports style, as well as - in suits for sports and entertainment events.


Combinations of orange with achromatic tones
Matching colors: orange combination - Photo: Orange with white; orange with white and black; orange with black and beige; orange with red; orange with yellow, red and purple; orange with warm blue

Combinations of orange color with chromatic colors

Orange and red
The orange color has yellow and red components, so it forms a harmonious blend of color with these tones. This produces a soft, nyuansnye color transitions from tone to tone. In addition to the bright red color, with orange in harmony dark red and burgundy colors.





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