Holding your breath: top 10

Holding your breath under water for a while - a discipline in freediving. Its name sounds like "static apnea", and held it for a while in a relaxed state of the body. Because of the complexity of this sport champions, as you know, not much. But in addition to the athletes, breath under water people are doing more of the same profession. And of those, and others, we will tell you in our top. So 10 record delays of breath under water!


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10. Martin Stepanek (Czech Republic)


Martin Stepanek (Czech Republic)

In 2001, inspired by Japanese divers, Czech Stepanek set at the time a new world record, having stayed under water 8 minutes 6 seconds. Of course, in comparison with the previous people on our list is not so impressive, but still 8 minutes 14 years ago were sverhdostizheniem!





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