17 Images That Exactly Show Which Muscle You Are Stretching

Stretching helps increase blood circulation in the body and involves some descent muscle work. That's why it feels so great and relaxing to stretch. But have you ever wondered which muscles exactly are affected when you stetch in a particular way? Well, we will help you understand just that. Check out these photos of different forms of stretches, and the muscles that they employ and affect.

1. Camel Pose


Camel Pose

This stretching technique affects the external obliques and rectus abdominous. It is good for people wth a high degree of flexibility.


2. Wide Forward Fold

Wide Forward Fold

The adductors are the targeted muscles of this kind of stretching. It is important to maintain a straight spine and bent legs while doing this form of stretching.


3. Frog Pose

Frog Pose

The adductors muscles are targeted in this form of stretching. This stretch puts pressure on the knees and is best to be performed on a soft surface. 





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