Remember This Guy? They Finally Reveal What Happened To Him After Revenge Of The Sith.

No other character in the Star Wars universe divided people more than Jar Jar Binks. Either you loved him, or you hated him. For some, he was a light-hearted loveable goof, but for others, he was a deplorable character that embodied several racist stereotypes. After The Phantom Menace, Jar Jar slowly faded into the background, and until now no one knew what his final fate was. Now after all these years it is finally revealed.



If anyone ever mentions the Star Wars prequel films, there's one character who almost always comes to mind: Jar Jar Binks. Now, we finally know what happened to him after the prequels.

If you've ever found yourself wondering "I wonder what that lovable scamp Jar Jar Binks ended up doing for a living," a new Star Wars novel reveals the official, canon answer.

It's appropriate. It's a little sad. And no, it isn't "Sith Lord."



The Gungan character, portrayed by Ahmed Best, was very clearly designed as a kid-friendly member of the ensemble for comic relief. But, Jar Jar ended up being almost universally hated by Star Wars fans, and the portrayal was criticized for being racist and wildly annoying. Jar Jar played a very big role in Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but after the immense backlash, his role was drastically reduced in the next two prequel films.

In Star Wars chronology, the accident-prone Gungan hasn't actually shown up much beyond his much-maligned screen introduction in The Phantom Menace. He was last seen briefly in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, attending the funeral of Padme Amidala. Before that, he showed up for a few episodes in the Clone Wars cartoon.

And before that, as an interim Galactic Senator in Attack of the Clones, the clownish Jar Jar is likely best remembered for pushing the Galactic Senate to give Chancellor Palpatine the authority he needed to eventually start the Galactic Empire. Oops.





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