19 Most Selfless Celebrities Around Will Give You All The Feels

Celebrities are known for their lavish spending and glamorous lifestyles at times, and it's easy to see why: They make more money in a year than the average person will ever see in a lifetime, and it takes plenty of money to keep up those kinds of appearances. Many of us will roll our eyes at the thought of a famous person dropping thousands on shoes or a purse, but to them, it can be the norm. So that's why it's always refreshing to see a celebrity do some really, really selfless good deeds without benefiting themselves in any particular way.


The 19 Most Selfless Celebs Around Will Give You All The Feels

Sure, it goes with the territory that having lots of wealth should automatically equate to giving back to those in need, and many celebrities (thankfully!) do give back financially to causes that mean something to them. But these celebrities are the ones who are so over-the-top generous and kind, that your heart will swell and you may be wiping back a tear or two when thinking about how selfless they can be. These stars are a nice little reminder that humans, even rich and famous ones, can be so lovely. Seriously, try to read this list without getting all the feels. (Spoiler alert: you won't be able to.)


1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

He's an A-list Hollywood actor who obviously has fame and money in spades, but that didn't stop Depp from giving a likely much-appreciated warm gesture to the crew on the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was reported by British newspaper The Sun that on a particularly rainy day, he spent upwards of £40,000 (that's around $64,200) to buy a jacket for each crew member — there were 500 of them. Though this is one example of his kindness, Depp frequently gives back in different ways, notably visiting with patients at a children's hospital dressed as Jack Sparrow just last year. He's clearly got a big heart.


2. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Like Depp, Lawrence has always been known for doing good deeds (including frequent visits with patients at a children's hospital near her hometown in Louisville, Kentucky) but she recently took that kindness up several notches by donating $2 million to the Kosair Children's Hospital, which established the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. In a press release announcing the news, Lawrence said the children's "strength and courage is inspiring" and I'm sure the money will go a long way to help them out.


3. Christian Bale

Christian Bale

In one of his most famous movie roles, Bale plays the Dark Knight, who has made it his life's mission to save the people of Gotham from the bad guys. Bale may not don a black bat suit in real life, but he's also made it his mission to bring happiness to others. After the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado that left 12 people dead and more than 70 people wounded during a screening of his film The Dark Knight Rises, Bale visited the local hospital where many of the victims were in recovery, most likely brightening their day during a time where they needed a smile. As if that's not heartwarming enough, later that same year, Bale flew a 4-year-old boy suffering from leukemia and his family from their home in Ohio to Disneyland, where he and his family joined the boy's family for lunch in the park. How beautiful. 





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