17 Celebrities Whose Physical Imperfections Will Inspire You To Break Your Limits

We often have blindfolded trust on our favourite beloved stars. We get so provoked by their beauty and outer appearance that we usually forget that they are as normal as us.

But the truth is that they too have some physical imperfections that we are seldom aware of. We are very much habituated to look our superstars as absolutely perfect and fit and when we fail to see them so, unwillingly, we nudge out in the direction of the reality.

Down here is the list of 17 Celebs who have physical imperfections for a lifetime.

1. Denzel Washington's snapped pinky right-hand finger


Denzel Washington's snapped pinky right-hand finger


2. Gerard Butler's uneven ears

Gerard Butler's uneven ears


3. Joaquin Phoenix's facial scar

Joaquin Phoenix's facial scar






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