15 NBA Stars' Lives After the Game: Where Are They Now?

Unlike other professional sports, basketball is a short-lived career. It ends very quickly; as with small roster sizes, there are limited number of opportunities. This makes it difficult for sideline players to continue playing after they have left their heyday. Most of the players cannot accept the reality that they no longer earn multi-million dollar salaries. They are forced to adjust with the reality that now they have to rejoin the conventional workforce like the common man. And, some of them bet their on-court earnings into thriving business investments, apart from the sport.


15 Retired Nba Players, Where Are They Now?

The current careers of ex-NBA superstars vary from the ordinary, such as truck driving, to the extraordinary, like serving as a mayor of the chief American cities and leading international charities. Some players have accomplished continual basketball success by expanding their overseas career for more paychecks and championships. Most of the former NBA players struggled with their finances, but few others took advantage of the financial security that the NBA profession gave them.Various athletes struggle to switch from the life that a superstar enjoys to the average Joe lifestyle, once their professional sports career ends. However, there are also cases of players who have adapted well to their new lifestyle, away from the regular scrutiny of media. Now that these stars have retired from their professional sports career, let us see what these 15 ex-NBA players are doing at present.

1. Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson retired in 2000, after spending more than a decade in the NBA, following the first playoff series victory of the Phoenix Suns in five years. He decided not to hesitate from leading a normal life, in turn giving rise to his successful political career. While he was in the NBA, he started the St. HOPE program and the Kevin Johnson Foundation. After establishing these charities, he tried his hand at politics. In 2008, Johnson stood for the Mayor’s position in Sacramento, California. He was elected and was again re-elected in 2012.





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