15 Celebrities And Their Biggest Money Mistakes

Having more money does not guarantee that you would spend it wisely. We can see this kind of behavior in a number of celebrities who may have millions of bucks, yet they do not know how to use it cleverly. With loads of wealth, stars can afford to buy the most expensive and finer things in life. But, having excessive cash also means that affluent people can make poor choices. Just because they earn lots of money, does not assure them that they necessarily know how to save, invest, and multiply that wealth.


Celebrities And Their Biggest Money Mistakes

The financial failures of some superstars make us aware of what can happen when we mismanage our cents and dollars. Here are 15 costly money mistakes committed by celebrities that have cost them millions of bucks.

15. Overspending



Singing sensation Britney Spears is a big spendthrift. According to the court papers revealed by her recent custody battle, Britney has a monthly income of $737,000 from which she does not even save a single penny. She spends zero on education, investing, and savings. However, since her dad has started supervising her affairs, Britney has been put on a stringent budget. Among other famous celebrities, Michael Jackson also had a habit of spending frivolously and saving almost nothing.





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