15 Credit Cards Celebrities and Rich People Use

Celebrities are no different than us. They are just like me and you. Even though, stars are famous and rich, they are people too. Therefore, like us they too need credit cards, in order to shop around and make purchases. They eat ice creams, go for shopping, and do many other things with their credit cards. Some celebrities have two to three credit cards, whereas some have only one. Apart from credit cards, famous folks also like to carry cash, debit cards, and gift cards in their wallet.


Credit Cards Celebrities

Rich people prefer elite credit cards that show their status. Unlike celebrities, normal people cannot afford these cards because of their high fees and unaffordable perks. It can be said that high-end credit cards are only made for wealthy people, so that they can support their lavish lifestyle. So, if you are inquisitive about what credit cards are used by celebrities and if you want to have a look inside their wallets, then go through our list of 15 celebrities who use different credit cards. These celebrities include famous athletes, actors, models, politicians, and musicians.

15. Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett

Like other celebrities, Warren Buffett too carries an American Express Green Card. This was revealed in 2013, when the second-wealthiest man in the world stunned the viewers of CNN by taking out the Amex Green Card from his wallet. With a net worth of nearly $73 billion, you would not have expected Buffett to carry a standard credit card, which can be used by average cardholders too. Unlike the platinum or black cards of Amex, the Green Card is for everybody. 





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