20 Jobs That Aren't As Glamorous As You'd Think

What if the dream job you’ve always wanted wasn’t as glamorous as you thought? Would you stick with it or resign just because the career wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? At this point, you are better off looking for a work from home job opportunity or starting a boring home based business. Or you can go to a school or university and get a college degree in something that doesn't require too much stress. Screw being an Astronaut, you're better off being a Medical Coder or something that won't kill you.

20. Photographer

Traveling the world and capturing moments on film sounds glamorous to anyone, but you know you’ve really been a success when you’re photographing for National Geographic. This dream job requires you to get down into the elements of the Earth no matter how unpredictable they maybe to capture something unforgettable on film.







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