Top 15 celebrity pranks


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If you’re going to prank a celebrity, it better be really good. Otherwise, it just ends up being a crazy stunt for publicity that ends up getting you sued or even ignored by everybody. One certain heiress was in the news recently she allegedly pranked herself by pretending to almost die in a plane crash. Well plane crashes are no funny business. It’s one thing to put a fake fly in somebody’s glass or a whoopie cushion in their chair. It’s another thing to scar them for life! May this be a warning to any aspiring celebrity pranksters out there.

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson saw Niall Horan’s expensive black Range Rover and thought they would like to do something naughty to it. You could say they went in one direction to prank their bandmate. They covered the car with a rake, a teddy bear, a dustbin, and an umbrella. They posted it on Instagram and Niall called it modern art. And fans would be interested to know that Liam sang Malik’s solos during the performances since Zayn left the group.


Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson





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