Top 15 celebrities who never finished high school


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Just in time for this year’s crop of high school graduates, we look at the celebrities who didn’t walk their commencement ceremony in a cap and gown. These celebrities can’t be expected to finish high school. They’ve got albums to drop and movies to film. But it’s too bad we won’t be able to see prom photos of Jim Carrey or Cameron Diaz. We will never be able to create memes of their yearbook photos. We’ll never get the chance to make GIFs of their high school musicals. Let’s enjoy these famous faces who became successful anyway.

Rihanna and her fame is shining bright like a diamond in the sky. Her net worth isn’t so bad either. The high school dropout is worth an estimated $120 million according to Dailymail. She quit school at the age of 15 and then worked on her long music career. Rihanna is now the first black campaign model for Dior and has been doing videos for them called the “Secret Garden.”







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