Top 15 celebrities who haven't aged well


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Good news, celebs! Researchers are saying 60 is the new 40 so you can live even longer knowing that you’re not middle-aged yet. The studies have been coming out of Austria and Stony Brook University. Now you have more time to party it up and drink heavily if you really want to do damage to your system without worrying about society thinking you’re wrinkly and old. But there is another reason celebs should refrain from overdoing their fast and furious lifestyles. You don’t want to end up like these celebs who did not age well. They look like they have been through rough times.

Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan was keeping a low profile while rehabilitating her career, she surprises you. The former “Mean Girls” star was photographed at the Cirque Le Soir club in London partying again. When was the first sign of trouble? Was it the time she allegedly punched a woman in New York or the time she went to rehab in 2007? She was spotted at West Hollywood clubs since her “Herbie: Fully Loaded” days, according to Indiewire. All that’s left for her is to keep on clubbing.


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