Top 10 most expensive wines in the world

Almost every wealthy man acquires its small (and sometimes - and a large and very large) bar with a collection of good wine. Even if he prefers other beverages. After all, wine - this is not just a drink, it underlines the status of its owner. Especially one that is represented in today's top of the most expensive wines in the world! Making Sense?


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10 wine Chateau d'Yquem (price - $ 100,000)


wine Chateau d'Yquem (price - $ 100,000)

This - the oldest from all currently existing white wines in the world: it was made back in 1787! It was part of the wine collection of Antique, but it was sold to an American collector for 100 thousand. Dollars.
Lamenting that you try a glass of any of these drinks? You know, because their owners are also unlikely to try: such wine store and show guests, because it is - a sign of good taste and an element of luxury.





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